Pâenil Era release their 3rd album: Deviere

Pâenil Era, formerly known as Signatura Rerum, have released their 3rd album entitled: 'Deviere', which translates to 'diversion' from romanian. The project is musically a successor of Signatura Rerum, but conceptually represents something new, hence the new name: ‘Pâenil Era’. The name is an anagram of the Romanian words ‘Pâlnie Rea’, which translates to ‘Bad Funnel’. Symbolizing a broken or partly functional filter that takes in a flow of subconscious dark thoughts, it represents an attempt to connect with the subconscious and give a voice to the dark side of the psyche.

The band was formed in 2012 in Timişoara, Romania under the name Signatura Rerum. They released two albums in the past (In Sfarsit … in 2013 and The Legend 1 in 2017) and in their live activity they opened for bands like Arkona, Sado Sathanas, Syn Ze Sase Tri and Grave Desecrator.




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Atmospheric / Post-Black Metal
Pâenil Era
Founded in 2012 in Timisoara, Romania, initally under the name Signatura Rerum, the band released 3 albums and opened for bands such as Arkona, Grave Desecrator and Syn Ze Sase Tri.
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